Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pretty in the city: Herne Hill

When your plain old wall constantly gets graffiti'd and not in any artistic good way, fight back with some beauty. Love my unknown neighbours for this.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pinspired: Neon

Neon table legs from Apartment Therapy via My Pinterest
Neon Bed Linen from via My Pinterest

Fluoro colour pops from Jams Designs via My Pinterest

Neon has been having a fashion moment for a while now. So it was only a matter of time before it made it into our homes. Of course no one is suggesting you start painting whole walls in highlighter orange, but there's definitely some fun to be had by throwing some superbright accents into your everyday life, without feeling like you have to go the whole eighties hog and start back on snow wash jeans and a Frankie Says Relax T-shirt. So this week I'm pinspired by the images above, and have some suggestions for adding neon to your world.

1. Neon straws from Cargo Home Shop - making milkshakes edgy!
2. Hot Pink Gradient Candlesticks from Mo Man Tai design
3. Bird & Leaves Cushion, 6. geometric Neon Cyber Cushion, 8. yellow Neon Flamingo Cushion all from Oliver Bonas
4. Neon Mini Dots and 5. Rain Drops wall stickers (don't just use them on walls, what about upcycling a chest of drawers? adding to stationery? giving your fridge some personality?) from Ferm Living
7. Neon letters from SCP

Art Tiles Neon Tile Box from Culture Label
Neon Kisshions from The Mint List: Made out of brightly coloured wool felt front and organic cotton back embellished with metallic speckle print and thick metallic leather piping.

And inspired by this gorgeous picture originally from this nursery feature on Design Sponge, which shows you can never have enough pattern - spots, stripes and flowers (from Nani Iro, you can see the rest of the collection in this post) for one lucky little girl:

Fluoro Pillow Cases from Castle and Things, love!!

Friday, 12 April 2013

I Made That: Louise Body Wallhanging

Well ok, I can't really claim to have 'made that', when it's just a piece of fabric on the wall. So maybe it's more accurate that 'I took that, sewed hems on either end, added some wood dowels and hung it up on a picture wire'.

Either way, this was a way to display my beautiful Louise Body Plant Life fabric, that as yet I can't bring myself to turn into anything smaller. I got the dowels at B&Q and only sewed the seams loosely so that I can use the fabric elsewhere if I choose. Right now though, it fills a big blank wall and makes me happy when I climb the stairs.

See more Louise Body on CLM here.

PS no new child yet.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy Prints: Jorja Wilkinson Design

***stop press*** no baby yet, this one is teasing me, like its punk big brother did...***

Just saw these fat lobsters new at Oliver Bonas, and after a little search came up with the designer, Jorja Wilkinson (also known as Georgia), who designs her 1960's influenced prints from North Yorkshire. See all the bold patterns on shades, cushions, notice boards, fabric and more, here.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mother Lovin': A labour of love

Max. 11 Days.
It is 4am and my infrequent contractions tell me I'm at the beginnings of labour, what better to do than finish the post that I had been thinking about a lot in the last week?

Following this brilliant article by Sarah Morgan on Sali Hughes' new website, and being a few hours  off second-time-motherhood myself, and a little preoccupied with the subject, I want to share some of my love for some other mothers.  Mothers who talk about the motherhood that I understand. I'm not talking Mumsnet forum trolls here, who insist that their opinion is the right one - thereby missing the point of the forum at all, which serves to show that as EVERY opinion is on there is different, you will not find your answer here, other than the over-riding answer to them all, which is 'It's all normal, everyone has entirely different experiences so you're normal too, your answer is not on the internet. Now be on your way'.

I'm talking about women who have talent-filled, creative lives and manage to fit being a mother into them, and are happy to talk about motherhood frankly, with all the fear and guilt and discomfort and joy and wonder that entails. The list should be longer, full of my friends (and my own Mum), who inspire me every day, but we'll keep it at those whose articles I seek out on a regular basis. I'll let you discover them for yourselves.

Cara - Peonies & Polaroids
Bailey  - Peppermint Bliss (quote in image above from this post)
Lucy Mangan
Sali Hughes 
Harriet - Free Our Kids 

And while we're at it, let's not forget the brilliant Mother's Prayer by Tina Fey, always worth re-reading.

See you on the other side xx 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pinspired: The Colour of Slub

Townhouse Interior by Studio Toogood via My Pinterest
From Design Hunter via My Pinterest
From Apartment Therapy via My Pinterest

You may know about my love of sludge coloured walls. Well my friends, let me introduce you to another love, that I like to call slub. Slubby colours, for being a bit muted, a bit more relaxed, frankly a bit more grubby. Inspired by the rooms in the images above, found browsing pinterest, I've put together a collection of products that might just get you a little bit of slubbin' for your home:

1. Dark Grey bedspread and cushion cover from Zara Home
2. Oven Mitt Ferm Living
3. G Plan The Sixty One Armchair in Marl Green John Lewis
4. Green Tealight Holder H&M Home
5. Felted Stripe Blanket Papa Stour
6. Tableware Toast
7. Light Grey Linen Pillowcase H&M Home

1. Minimal Book Cover print by Christian Jackson at Imagekind
2. Knot Yellow Knitted Pouf Habitat
3. Wool Cushions Ferm Living

1. Mandarin Stone Palladio Tiles Grey Mix
2. Mandarin Stone Candy Tiles in (top to bottom) Lychee Grey Gloss, Lavender Gloss, Pistachio Gloss, Rose Grey Gloss